Friday, January 15, 2010

custom wedding invitations | design

Not only do I do photography, but graphic design as well. Originally when I was going to college I hadn't planned on doing photography, I just loved to do it as a hobby. It is funny when everything falls into place, and you find yourself doing something you never dreamed of. A lot of photographers say they have dreamed of it their whole life. But I, on the other hand, have always loved art and design and decided to pursue a graphic design education. As I learned to work with the camera, learned how to change the settings, and achieved different image art, I fell in love. If I wouldn't have taken a couple photography courses in college, I may not have learned of this talent about myself. So, now that my main business is taking images, and those consist of the blogs main posts, I thought I had better share some of my other talents as well. These are some custom wedding invitations that I did for April, and her fiance, Sam. April and myself have a great love for orchids. I was so thrilled to incorporate this beautiful flower into the project.

Front and back.

Front of the response card, and the back matches the back of invite.

Finished product. Simple and elegant.

Vellum cover adds visual interest.

Thank you April and Sam for letting me create these for you! I now can show these on the blog because tomorrow is their wedding day. Happy wedding day tomorrow!!


Marilyn said...

The orchid invitation is breath taking...


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