Wednesday, April 28, 2010

spring is here!

I am so glad for this upcoming warm weather. Although it is has been a little chilly the past couple of days here in northwestern Ohio, I look at these pictures (that have been sitting on my hard drive) and get warm feelings! There is just something about these beautiful colors that make me very happy inside. Not to mention the flowering of the trees the first couple of weeks.

Most people hate dandelions and want to mow over them right away, as I am saying "No, don't touch them yet, I need to take pictures." I really like a nice field of them, because they are so sweet and delicate. This was also Mylee's first encounter with dandelions, and she couldn't have been more cute. Her little mouth was as yellow as yellow could be from eating and sniffing them all day when I took these shots.

I really love this image for some reason; very serene feeling..

Last but not least my little pride and joy! :0) See what I mean about yellow mouth?



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